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Selection of color white, the woman can observe every time, when aroused, are called vaginal lubrication or liquid. This mucus unusual in its composition: it includes cellular components, white blood cells and other micro-organisms, produced by the glands. Mostly, vaginal discharge, transparent, or have no color. In another case, if you receive bad the mucus is the first sign of any disease. In this article, you should understand what type of allocation are considered normal, and learn more about female lubrication during arousal.

When the whites of the allocation are considered to be a standard?

The liquid in the form of mucus that is characteristic of all the girls. This is the more true indicator of a healthy body and stable physiological functioning of the female body. Here are the main signals when the wife of allocation of white color is considered normal:

  • the consistency in the form of jelly;
  • a small amount;
  • odor, but without the putrid impurities;
  • the inside of the vagina does not have the irritation and the itching.

The girl after the sexual relationship stands out much more fluid. It is worth remembering that this is the normal process that should always be after the contact. It is said that a woman very aroused and experiences emotions after the sexual experience. This process is not possible to assume the control, allocation of greasing after the sexual intercourse is absolutely normal, and the most important – the record as well health of the woman.

As to the amount of secretions, then it all depends on the ovulation period. So, if only that went on to menstruation, the mucus is much smaller than that in the middle of the cycle.

The influence of the sexual relationship in the spotlight!

the influence of the sexual relationship in the spotlight

Asset allocation when excited in women start to appear after 7 to 10 seconds after stimulating the most sensitive and erogenous zone. Usually, the male enough to start with kisses on the neck, slowly, turning to the chest, and then below, to call the woman has vaginal discharge. Typically, girls and such a signal serves to give understanding – the body is ready for the introduction of the male sexual organ inside. After that, it is a transparent liquid increases in quantity, and this is very good. Soon the time will come when the highest points of pleasure, or orgasm, the white of the allocation are reduced. Thus, the natural and the natural, lubrication is the most healthy and a good symptom of this female arousal. This material may not be counterfeit or cause a simulation.

That, if the lubrication is not enough?

The girl may feel some discomfort, the feeling of a natural appearance, check, and, sometimes, and no, not at all. The dryness during sexual contact is very bad for the body of two people, as it is actually damage to the sexual organs. The lack of assignments, as a general rule, it is the reason that the following points:

  • a daily intake of a woman of strong hormonal medication;
  • stress, the state of excited, physical, and emotional overload;
  • the use of time of contact of condoms with latex coating;
  • serious violations of the immune system;
  • the intake of antidepressant medications;
  • is prohibited;
  • infectious diseases, or venereal diseases;
  • failure hormonal, strong imbalance;
  • problems with the urinary system;
  • the lack of excitement, due to the lack of length the preliminaries of a sexual act;
  • problems with blood circulation, the violation of the circulation of the blood;
  • breastfeeding;
  • problems with the nervous system pathology.

Abundant allocation will never before the contact, and, if available, at least, a sign of vaginal dryness. In this case, it is best to go to a gynecologist and not to delay your treatment, because this is very serious. In no case may involve self-medication, the advice of the doctor is very important. Use lubricants, which are sold in the pharmacy, can only occur, if the natural lubrication stands out constantly, in small amount, and finally a woman completely healthy.

if the lubricant much at the time of sex

That, if the lubrication is very much during sexual intercourse?

In fact, here there is nothing wrong. Basically, it's just a strong grip, if the allocations for women much more than necessary. In some cases, for this reason, the girl refuses the sexual contact. Men consider excessive moisture in the female vagina, as a sign of promiscuity, and the constant change of a sexual partner, which is considered absolutely wrong. Each girl is different in their own way, and strong released liquid it only says that the libido is totally legal. You can, of course, consult a doctor, but he will say the same: the important thing is that it does not dry, and that the body and the sexual organ is totally normal.

Allocation when excited with the unpleasant smell of sour

The liquid of white color, vaginal irritation, and endless itching is very bad. Despite the fact that this unpleasant symptom concerned with the girl, periodically, from this, it is necessary to get rid of. Typically, this can be candidiasis, the lack of an accurate care (t. e. health), the constant use of intimate hygiene gels with flavors, diary of a stressful situation, a sudden change of climate, unhealthy eating habits, without inconvenience, lingerie, constant douching is. In all these moments described selection will be with the unpleasant smell of sour. As he had only seen similar, it is important to go see a gynecologist, to acquire all of the effective drugs.

The observance of proper intimate hygiene

the observance of proper intimate hygiene

Is 4 rules of intimate hygiene, very easy to use:

  • Padmapanie woman should be a tool, which includes the lactic acid, which gives an effect of the normalization of acid-base balance.
  • Normal soap, scented, bath gel and BUtyleto for intimate hygiene is expressly for the constant use.
  • It is very important to constantly change the daily strip, as well as they and configured.
  • Padmapanie, the woman should perform not less 2 times a day, t. e. the morning and evening. Thus, we recommend that padmapanie prior to sexual intercourse.
  • Matter how attractive it is linen fabric artificial, use it is impossible. From this, it is worth to give up in favor of your health.
  • Nasty vaginal discharge with the smell of fish

If the broken body of acidity, then the selection will be tVoronoi way, with the smell of fish. Similar strongly-scented lumps like curd can testify about the absence of healthy female of state and excess bacteria. Thus, similar to a disease called maids a-milkingeth, which should be treated and not to run.

The smell of fish – the first sign that the vagina is necessary to check with the gynecologist with clear guidelines, what to do next to a full recovery. During the excitement of the allocation can be the same as always, but the smell is completely different, specific, repulsive, and unpleasant, and in the penis when you sign it will remain a huge amount of cake secretions.

Allocation of fluctuation is normal. The important thing, for they were a healthy indicator of the women's state. If any unpleasant sensation is best to consult your doctor, because the reproductive system – one of the most important organs that needs to be addressed in the first place, not leaving it for later.